Changing of the guard at Kerkhoff

New joint leadership at the Düsseldorf specialist consultants

Kerkhoff Group, the Düsseldorf specialist consulting firm, will be under joint leadership in future. According to the company, Frank Wiethoff (50) will take over as Chair of the executive board and be in charge of operations. Founder and CEO Gerd Kerkhoff (61) is taking a step back and will focus on networking and strategic partnerships. Wiethoff is joining the firm from KPMG, the auditors, where he is Eastern Regional Head.

“Anyone who hasn’t got a successor in place by the time they reach 60 is doing something wrong”, says Kerkhoff on Wiethoff’s appointment. He adds that he will continue as joint CEO for another two years and then retire from management of the business altogether. The Kerkhoff Group specialises in procurement.

Kerkhoff started the consultancy together with his wife Stefanie in 1998 and has been managing it ever since. “We also need some new ideas”, says Kerkhoff. Being an expert in digitisation makes Wiethoff perfect for the job. At KPMG, he also had responsibility for looking after startups across the nation.

Asked about his goals for the future, Kerkhoff says: “Keep growing and stay independent.” With a turnover of almost €30 million, the firm is Germany’s last remaining sizeable independent consultancy for procurement. Competitors Brainnet and Inverto kept their independence for a long time but were ultimately swallowed up by KPMG and Boston Consulting.


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