• "Kerkhoff Consulting stands for pragmatic approaches, combined with a high competence of methods, focusing on the implementation of a jointly defined strategy and precise communications. Kerkhoff consultants were crucial in helping us render our purchasing organization more effective and more efficient and increase our savings potentials which can frequently only be seen from an outside viewpoint."

    Bernard Krone, Managing Partner, Maschinenfabrik Bernard KRONE GmbH

  • "In one of our business units and on our behalf, the consultants from Kerkhoff Consulting had taken over competently, in a straight-forward manner and with their hands-on mentality the organization of local strategic purchasing and of the purchasing team; they also conducted supplier talks and concluded contracts. This resulted in a significant improvement of terms and conditions and of the reputation of Voith Industrial Services with its suppliers. Such good experience made us award Kerkhoff Consulting additional projects in other units."

    Michael Schnerring, Vice President Strategic Purchasing, Voith Industrial Services Holding GmbH

  • "Together with consultants from Kerkhoff Consulting, we have been successful in lastingly improve our performance in purchasing. At all five German-language locations, we significantly reduced our procurement costs by using various strategic approaches and levers, and we oriented our supplier portfolio towards future demands and requirements. Our new purchasing organization is now strategically working together across the locations and is profiting from these synergies. Establishing cost engineering and value analysis as another central component will ensure the sustainability of our savings."

    Albert Hiller – Senior Vice President Supply Chain Management Industrial Solution, Wagner Group

  • "We analyze cost structures, have specialists from Kerkhoff Cost Engineering consult us if necessary, and thus make our purchasing decisions based on cost and process transparency."

    Andreas Wiepck, Head of Group Purchasing, Warsteiner Brauerei Haus Cramer Management GmbH

  • "Kerkhoff Consulting – that's consulting in understandable language and with implementation in their focus. We commissioned Kerkhoff to make our purchasing processes transparent in order to develop, on that basis, customized solutions for us. This concerns both our organization and our supplier management as well. The project pays off because our consultancy costs could be 100% refinanced due to the project results. We are looking forward to continuing our trustful collaboration on an equal footing."

    Dr. Hagen Duenbostel, CEO, KWS SAAT AG

  • "Sometimes you need to look at things from a different perspective to call into question old strategies and procedures and to travel new roads, if necessary. The consultants from Kerkhoff Consulting proved to have the right feel and instinct in handling our special characteristics or peculiarities which are specific for our industry. Management consultants often have their head full with too much theory – but in our project, we were all very fast on one common 'sound track'. In many rounds of discussion, we were thus able to tremendously develop further our understanding of organizational handling of projects and their financing. On this note – thank you very much."

    Stefan Thul, Senior Vice President of ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG

  • "It is vital for us to use group synergies and, moreover, to integrate purchasing early on in the value chain. Kerkhoff Consulting and its consultants have closely linked our own organization in a sustainable manner and, at the same time, deepen our business relationships with suppliers. This also includes to know how the supplier is producing and which parameters impact on the supplier. 

    Kerkhoff Consulting provides methods, with Kerkhoff Cost Engineering, to obtain such information. Even after the consulting period, the Kerkhoff software provides us easy access to all major variables which will help us make our daily decisions. In terms of content and concept, Kerkhoff Consulting fully met our expectations. Their support was always customer-oriented and flexible – at all locations involved in the project. A thoroughly professional implementation – Thank you very much."

    Burkhard Dahmen, CEO of SMS Siemag

  • "We implemented a continuous improvement process by means of which we continuously develop our organization further. Kerkhoff Consulting supported us in this respect with application-specific approaches or concepts. Particularly important for us were precise communications in understandable language. Thus, everything a small or medium-sized business can expect of consultants and which is found all too rarely."

    Wolfram Wacker, Supply Chain Management Manager of Coppenrath & Wiese

  • "As a global automotive supplier, we not only have to be a leader in terms of our products, but also in terms of our processes and tools. Especially a modern, efficient purchasing organization is a central lever for cost optimization and quality assurance.

    In close cooperation with Kerkhoff, we have reorganized our purchasing department in a powerful way: Medium-sized, dynamic, tailored to our needs. And equipped with effective tools, e.g. for cost analysis and strategic negotiation management, by which we can continuously optimize our procurement.

    Kerkhoff has proven to be a strong partner at eye level in order to bring the reorganization to success in an efficient and target-oriented way."

    Dr. Peter Sokol, CEO, SEG Automotive Germany GmbH

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